​The Science of Rain

​A successful experiment is weather restoration. 

We are experiencing weather patterns similar to Memorial Day last year (2015). 


The low pressure was a bit different this year. 

It stayed in place, instead of having constant lows moving over the continent; like in 2015.

​May 23rd.  7 days before Memorial Day of 2016.

May 20th. A Ridge is set up to bring us more low pressures.

2016 is the wettest May on record.

March 11th 2016.  13 days into the experiment.

This page is dedicated to observing similar weather patterns. 

Are we getting in 2016, what we got in 2015?

As time goes on, I will post more relevant videos.

Till then, observe, enjoy, & feel free to Google my name.

Thank you again for exploring.

​Dowin Gardner.

Mold & Southerly Winds Happen Every Time This Experiment Is implemented.  Check out the following video.

First week of May 2016.  

Impressive rain count,

and rain chances persist.