Come April...

Beautiful Skies In April.  

Below are beautiful skies, & not so beautiful skies.

Come April, we clean the skies.  

Beautiful Skies in April  -  2016

Beautiful Skies in April  -  2015

The Hydrogen Bond between water molecules,

is what turns humidity into clouds.

In order for this to happen, the sky must be negatively ionized.

BAMM !!!

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Dowin Gardner

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The Science of Rain is a simple science only recently understood.  We do not have the ability to make it rain.  Only nature can do this.  Our modern day technology has broken a link in the chain of events that naturally brings rain.  This broken chain link resulted in droughts.  

    September of 2011 we discovered what is required to fix the broken link.  5 years later we have the technology to fix it.  We now have regular rain storms moving across the continent.

    The project to fix the broken chain link is titled Beautiful Skies In April.  The purpose of implementing this strategy in April, is to give time for the drought conditions to return. Only in drought conditions, can we see how effective this technology is.  

        As of 2016 and over the past five years, this technology implementation has revealed consistent and predictable results.  The results are:  regular storm systems moving freely across the continent.  As appose to previous observations with out this technology, storm systems fail to cover the land, and fall apart as they get close to cities, especially Austin Texas.  View the 2015 Observations page to see such events.  

    We now know the cause of the drought.  We now know how to fix it.  This website is dedicated to introducing such technologies to you, and the general public.  This is The Science of Rain.  It began in 2011.  It is my honor & excitement to bring you this information.  My name is Dowin Gardner.  I am the author of The Science of Rain.  Enjoy green landscapes, and flowing creeks.  Watch the videos on this site, and get the book.

A sincerely thank you, from ​Dowin Gardner

The Science of Rain

​A successful experiment in weather restoration. 

Dr. Wilhelm Reich

The original pioneer of rain engionering.